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  Drawing and Watercolor

Guys—vectorizing watercolor is so much fun. Knowing how to vectorize and digitize watercolor is a must-know skill for any modern artist.

Gather Your Materials

Here are the materials I use to make waterdoodles, or watercolor doodles. (By the way, I keep an updated list of my favorite art supplies on my new resources page!)

Draw Your Motif Items

Using your waterproof inking pens, draw your doodles on watercolor paper.

The Copic pens dry really quickly, so right when you're done you can grab your watercolors and start painting over and around your lines.

At the time I created this tutorial, I was 25 weeks pregnant (woo hoo!) and because I was on a completely caffeine-free pregnancy, I found myself dreaming about tea quite often. Maybe that's why I chose to do a tea-themed waterdoodle for this project!

Watercolor Your Motif Items and Scan Your Work

Now, it's just a matter of filling in your doodles with watercolor. I love using the Pentel Water Brushes for this because they allow me to quickly watercolor-ize any doodle with precision and less mess.

When you're done, let your waterdoodles dry and then scan in your work at 300 DPI, color.

I love how these turned out! It's definitely okay if you color outside of the lines; it can actually give it a nice offset print look. And because you're going to clean up your work in Photoshop and Illustrator, there's no need to be perfect here.

Next up, digitizing and vectorizing!